Gold, makes a body strong
Finds in a freshwater lake, Central Florida (5-08-2004)

Diamonds, oh yeah!
The 14kt gold ring on the left has 10 diamonds in it. The wide 14kt gold band has the letter 'M' on it (5-08-2004)

What's up with the sivler necklace craze
Finds in a North Central Florida freshwater lake. The open heart pendant is 14KT and has nine diamonds and 8 sapphires. The necklace is silver, one earring is silver and one is gold. (5-22-2004).

Junk found in a Central Florida freshwater lake. The watch still works. (5-23-2004).

10K Day
Central Florida freshwater lake. The ring with the green stone is 10K, the bracelet and necklace are 10K as well. The earring is silver, and the rest is 'junk'. (5-29-04).
**UPDATE** after a jewelers appraisal, the green stone turns out to be an Emerald.

Four Gold Finds
Central Florida freshwater lake. Two gold wedding bands and two gold earrings.

Large Silver Ring - SOLD
Large silver ring, and 'junker' ring found in Tampa Bay. (6-2-2004).

Gold and Silver
Freshwater lake, outside of Lakeland, Fla. The ring on the left is 10K gold with diamond chips in the hearts, the one on the right has the name 'Sonja' on it (its upside down in the picture), and is silver. (6-4-2004).

5-28-94 inscribed inside
Mens 14K wedding band with 5-28-94 on the inside. Found at Sand Key Park.
Sand Key Park is just outside of Clearwater, Florida. (6-6-2004).

14K Gold Bracelet
14K Gold Bracelet and a 'junker' ring found in a Freshwater lake. (6-8-2004).

Just A Junker Day
A varity of 'junk' found in Central Florida. I bet Angel was upset. (6-19-2004).

Three tone 10K gold
Nice three tone 10K bracelet. Found in Weeki Wachee River, Florida. (6-26-2004).

10K gold ring (BITCH) and a silver bracelet. At first glance underwater the bracelet seemed to have diamonds. It turns out to be silver ::sigh::. All these goodies came out of a freshwater lake. (6-27-2004).

10K Lion Head and Earring
10K Earring and Lion's Head pendant. These are the last finds from my old faithful Fisher 1280-X. After 15 years, the 1280-X has given up the ghost. Items found in a central Florida lake. (7-3-2004).

First day out with the new detector
Ladies 14K gold fancy cut ring, silver wedding band and a .925 silver earring. This is the first day out with my Excalibur 1000. I sure miss my Fisher 1280-X, but I'll survive. Found in a freshwater lake, just north of Orlando, Florida. (7-4-2004).

Gold and Silver
Silver bracelet and ring. The small 14K ring looks like the owner may have
squished the shank to make it fit. Freshwater lake in Central Florida. (7-6-2004).

Pedro and the Five Diamond Ring
The ring on the left is 14K gold and has the name Pedro on it. The ring on the right is 14K with five diamonds. I'm not sure if the little locket is gold, as it is not marked. A silver earring and about $6.00 in change rounds up the finds from this Lake, right outside of Tampa, Florida (7-7-2004).

14K Gold Cross
14K gold cross, siver earring and some change. Found in same lake as above (7-10-2004).

10K gold toe ring with the letter 'C' on it and a huge silver ring with 25+ CZ diamonds. Tampa Bay, Florida (7-10-2004).

Slim Day @ Clearwater
Finds were slim today. A 9K gold earring, 14K gold LadyBug earring/belly-button thingy, silver toe ring. The ring with crud on it was about 14" down. It rings like it could be silver Clearwater Beach, Florida (7-11-2004).

Huge 10K Gold Initial Ring
10K gold initial ring, silver cross and pendant. Junker bracelet and earring.
Found in freshwater lake in Tampa, Florida (7-13-2004).

In The Mood
Slim pickings in this Central Florida lake. A silver ring (mood ring?),
14K gold earring and other "junk". (7-17-2004).

2004 season over due to Hurricanes.