First day of the season
First day of the 2005 season. Not good. (3-11-2005)

Second day just as bad as the first
Second day of the 2005 season. Still not good. (3-12-2005)

Small silver ring and junk
Small silver ring, small knife and junk. Tampa Bay. (3-26-2005)

Lots of garbage
Lots of garbage in this Lake. I could have sworn I cleaned it all out last year.
A few coins, no goodies. (4-3-2005)

Bluenose, eh?
A small 10K gold ring with CZ stone, Class of 2005 ring (valadium), silver necklace and junk. The "Bluenose" face mask is a purge valve repair. (5-30-2005)

26 cents, blah
26 cents and a small siver ring. (6-4-2005)

Gold Wedding Band, Paste and Junk
Gold Wedding Band, Junk ring and stuffs. (6-12-2005)

Nice 14K multi-tone ring
Nice 14K gold ring, silver ring with fake diamonds, Armitron Diamond watch
and two pairs of sunglasses. Tampa Bay (6-14-2005)

10K ring with 10 diamonds
Cute little 10K gold ring with 10 diamonds, junker ring and a ton of trash. (6-17-2005)

Diamonds,Gold,Silver and Topaz Today!
14K gold ring with Blue Topaz, 10K gold ring with six diamonds, 10K gold wedding band, .925 silver ring with paste, HUGE CZ earring and an Avon ‘MOM’ bracelet. The ‘MOM’ bracelet really freaked me out when I first found it. Underwater, it looked like a tennis bracelet. (6-18-2005)

Silver Ring and Necklace
Silver Ring and Necklace. The usual coins, junk and stuff. (7-1-2005)

10K Stuff
10K Gold 2005 Class Ring, 10K Gold Initial Ring (letter is V), 10K Gold Earring, Sterling Silver Ring with a unidentified stone, HUGE CZ stud, 14K G.F. “I Love You” pendant. Some other rings, necklaces, coins and junk. (7-3-2005)

Titanium Wedding Band
Found this titanium wedding band, silver earring, silver ring, silver toe ring, silver Mickey Mouse charm, 14K G.P. Bracelet, junk and coins in
Rainbow Springs, Florida. (7-16-2005)