Have you lost something in the water?
Would you like to have it back?

Welcome to Shallow Water Recovery, or SWR for short. We're glad you were able to find our site. We get our name "shallow water" because we limit our recovery missions to 100 foot underwater. And, the "recovery" part is just that, recovering items that you've lost in the water.

Lost your ring, watch or other jewelry at the beach? Eyeglasses or watch fall off the dock into the lake? Did you lose a boat or trolling motor? Give SWR a call. If its metal, in 100 foot of water or less...we'll find it! Feel free to browse around SWR and check out our Rates, Found Items, Success Stories and so on.

This is but a small sample of the items we will search/recover: lost rings, lost class ring, lost wedding band, lost wedding ring, lost watches, lost pendants, lost necklaces, lost chains, lost cell phones, lost boat motors, lost trolling motors, lost boat parts and lost tools.