These are some of our most recent success stories.

The Internet makes it so easy now days to reunite these “gems” with there owners. I found the class ring this past Memorial Day (2005) in about four foot of water. I emailed the High School, got a reply and have contacted the owner. All this in just two days. The class ring has been returned, and the owner sent me a very nice letter thanking me.

Class of 2005

On Saturday, June 5th, Sondra was reading the St. Pete Times. She noticed that in the lost and found section, someone had placed an ad that they had lost their wedding ring in the Sand Key area. On Sunday, June 6th, Jim grabbed his Fisher 1280-X underwater detector and headed off to Sand Key Park. After about three hours, Jim had found the wedding band in waist deep water. Contact has been made with the owner, and will be returned. Below is a picture of the wedding band, with the date of 5-28-94 inscribed on the inside.

Found by SWR 6-6-2004